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Written Exam Advice

So it's time for your written exam! If you were like me, I was freaking out weeks before my exam. I had no idea where to start or what to study. My flight instructor wasn't too worried, but I knew I had to study hard to pass. I'll explain here how I passed my PPL written exam.

I started studying using the Gleim books my flights school gave to me at the very beginning of my training. I quickly realized that reading a 500 page book wasn't helping me retain the knowledge. So, I got a subscription to Pilot Institute. Their videos really helped me visualize the concepts, and it felt like someone was actively teaching me the material. To see how well I was learning the material, I went to King School's free PPL exam prep and took multiple quizzes on a variety of topics. King School's free quizzes let's you choose which topic you want your quiz on, so it's really helpful if you have a certain concept you don't understand. Additionally, I asked my family to quiz me at random times! I'd give them the Gleim test book, and they would ask me questions out of it constantly.

After a lot of studying, I went to take my written exam. I brought my student pilot license and my government issued ID. They signed me in and sat me down in a testing room. After an hour or so, I finished! I found out that I had passed and left the testing center happy and exited for the next stage in my pilot journey.

If you are about to take your written exam, don't stress too much and end up not learning anything. Remember to study hard, be consistent, and learn learn learn. Happy studying!!

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