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Anureet Kanwar


Anureet Kanwar recently graduated from the Governor’s STEM Academy at Grassfield High School. She is an aviator, and people often describe her as being innovative and fun-loving. She spends most of her extra time learning more about aeronautics and airplanes, and working as an assistant mechanic on most weekends. She fell in love with flight ever since she was first introduced to airplanes at the age of 2 years old. She has her private pilot’s license and is working on getting her Private Pilot License as well as other licenses in the future. Anyone can tell you that she has a lot of knowledge about aviation. As a student as well as a writer, she wants to help other students learn more about flight, the process of getting licenses, and will even share personal experiences and encounters during her training. Aviation has been her long time dream and she wants to help others achieve their dreams as well.


Anureet Kanwar
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