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Aha Moment

Hi everyone, have you ever had that moment where everything started to make sense. A second before you feel as if you have no idea how to accomplish a certain task or goal and then the next second it comes to you almost like an instinct. I have learned throughout my life that dedication is extremely important. However, dedication is only the ladder to helping us succeed. The most important factor is the Aha moment.

You might be cooking and realize the food is missing something. Then you have an Aha moment. You could be trying to figure out a math problem and suddenly realize the missing formula. Every situation does not have to be complicated. The Aha moment occurs for something as small as misplacing an item.

In the end, the aha moment keeps humanity alive. Everything we learn and are taught is to prepare us to face a challenge and figure out the solution. For most of us though, we must piece many different puzzle pieces together to determine the answer. Even when you feel discouraged or feel like quitting, remember that you are here for a reason. It is when you feel the lowest that you can jump the highest!

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