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Combining my Passions

Being in the hanger is an amazing experience. On my first day as an Assistant A & P, I was able to shadow Dirk, the lead mechanic at Epix Aviation. He showed me everything I know.

My life has become better ever since I met Dirk: a role model in my life. He works hard every day and is in the hanger rain or shine. Dirk teaches me about perseverance and hard work. When we are working on the same part for many hours, he shows me that patience is key.

At first, having grease on my hands was an uncomfortable feeling, but the more I trained and learned, the more I enjoyed every single experience. Grease may as well be one of the most important tools for a mechanic. It not only decreases friction but also increases the life of an airplane.

Physics taught me that friction is what causes the deteriorating of a mechanical part. Without the grease, every mechanical part would be unable to function because of the amount of friction when pieces of metal rub against each other.

I love being in the hanger especially when all the mechanics run to the regional airport next door to grab an ice cream. We also do a 30-minute lunch break where we all laugh and eat together. I am able to combine my passion for engineering, physics, mechanics, and aviation in the hanger.

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