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Just a Row Behind

Fellow Aviators, I missed writing for you all. However, I have been flying both as a pilot and as a passenger on commercial jets for the past week or so. I have noticed one very specific detail while flying. Each and every commercial jet has different classes including first class, business class, and economy class.

Aviation and Flight should be available equally for everyone regardless of monetary status. I remember being young and having the privilege to fall in love with airplanes. However, many little kids do not receive this opportunity.

I want to question a norm that is impacting those around us. I have seen in many instances where first-class passengers were offered state-of-the-art cuisine while passengers just a row behind (business class) were offered much less in terms of quality.

Flying should be an experience everyone is able to enjoy. This is why Gmaneuver offers free discovery flights at Chesapeake Regional Airport. All you have to do is send us a quick email, and we will make sure that we can provide you with a wonderful first flight experience.

Gmaneuver is here for you. You are special. You are important. We want you to know that we will be here for you every step of the way in your aviation journey.

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