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Welcome back guys!

Taking off and landing are the two most dangerous moments during a flight. We will talk about landing in the next post, but let's talk about takeoff.

When you make you departure call and cross the threshold into the runway, you must be focused. You turn the plane and center the plane on the "big white line" the centerline. You make sure you feet are off the brakes and lower which are the rudder pedals. Then you push the throttle to full. After doing this you state "oil pressure and oil temperature in the green" after making sure they are. Next, you state airspeed is alive and check that the airspeed is coming up. Once you reach around 55 knots or 65 mph you pull back on the throttle so the airspeed is 75 knots or 85 mph. This ensures you do not stall during takeoff and fly the airplane in best Vy which is the rate of climb.

That is a normal takeoff for me.

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